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The world is a buzzing cacophony of movement, sound, and color, all competing for our attention; this can be exhausting. I am the type of person who craves a reprise. A FERMATA is an element of music in which the composer wishes to give a breath in the midst of a work to add emphasis to the beauty around it. It is a note or rest that should be sustained for longer than its value would indicate. How long exactly, is up to the discretion of the performer.

My hope is that the things I create will carry with them the feeling of comfort, rest and reflection. That they will help you sustain a moment of enjoyment, sitting calmly in your home. The feeling one gets when sitting at the bank of a pond, lazily dangling a fishing pole from your hand. Pause, appreciate, linger.

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Noah Trescott


At the age of five I took apart my father’s radio out of curiosity as to how it worked. My mother came in the room and discovered
me amidst a pile of radio parts the somewhat resembled my dads favorite thing in the whole world. Knowing that my future existence
depended on wether or not I was able to reassemble the radio, I succeeded, and it worked! My dad was able to tune in to the baseball
game and never missed a play. Ever since then, I have been fascinated by the way things are made and driven by the desire to design
them myself.

Music and wood have always been my favorite mediums for creation. I am a classically trained cellist, and a journeyman violinmaker.
I had the privilege of apprenticing under the master maker James Wimmer of Santa Barbara, California. After my apprenticeship, I had
the opportunity to work as a carpenter on a ranch property that was being built entirely of reclaimed barn wood.

My goal is to create simple, affordable pieces that are a balance between the exacting work of fine instrument-making and the sturdy
construction of a rustic barn.

Currently based out of Seattle, WA and Newberg, OR


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